The Little Princess 8.5.2024.

The play The Little Princess, performed by the Drama Club of the Academy of applied technical and prescholl teacher studies Nis , Pirot Department, premiered on the stage of the “Hrosto Botev” theater in Dimitrovgrad on May 8, 2024. This performance is an announcement of the Children’s Drama Festival, which will take place from June 3. until June 7. in Pirot.

All upcoming performances are part of the “Bridging Culture” project, which is funded by the Ministry of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The play The Little Princess, based on the text of the same name by Ksenija Stojanović, was created within the Drama Club of the Academy of Technical and Educational Vocational Studies in Niš – Pirot Department.

The students who played the characters in the play are:

Alina Sarvanović – Court madman

Viktorija Ranđelović – The Little Princess

Aleksa Bogdanović – Tsar

Ana Stojanovska – Mlinar’s son

Andrijana Golubović – Donkey

Aleksandra Milijić – Doctor Diagnosis

Iva Ćirić – Court Fireman